Questions on Healthchecks


  • Where can I get the Health Check done?


We have a network of Diagnostic Centers & Hospitals across India. You can call to our coordinator & get your appointment fixed at your preferred centre/hospital.


  • Can I go directly to a Diagnostic Center & get the Health Check done?


No. Diagnostic Centers will not entertain you until we schedule the appointment. Please call our coordinator two days in advance so that your appointment can be scheduled. The contact number of our coordinator is 080-6679399.  


  • What items do I need to carry when I go for Health Checks?


You have to carry a photocopy of your identity proof with the original.


  • What will happen if I miss my appointment? Will I lose my Health Check if I miss my appointment?


If you miss one appointment, you have one more chance. But if you miss the second appointment scheduled for you, you would have to go to the centre/hospital without an appointment and get your tests done.


  • Can I redeem Free Diagnostic Coupon (FDC) for Cash?




  • Can I go to any Diagnostic Center to redeem FDC?


No. It can be used & redeemed only at the Diagnostic Centers /Hospitals that are part of our network. The list of the Diagnostic Centers can be found by calling our Coordinator.


  • What is the Validity of FDC?


  1 Year from the date of purchase.


  • If I don’t take FDC, can the price of the package be reduced?




  • What is the Validity of Health Check?


1 Year from the date of Purchase.


  • If I don’t take some test in the package, can the Price of the Package be reduced?


No. The pricing is done on the whole Package of Health Checks & therefore ascertaining a Test price in the Package could be difficult. So there could be no change in the overall pricing.


  • Can I do 2D Echo in Place of TMT?


Yes but this facility is subject to the availability of 2D Echo at the center of your choice. No money would be refunded if you cannot do TMT while 2D Echo is not available at the center.


  • What is PSA test?


Prostate Specific Antigen test.


  • When can I get my reports?


Normally, within 24 hours of your undergoing the tests.


  • How many times can I do my Health Checks?




  • I am 35 Years old and married. Which package would you suggest me?


25- 35 Years- Silver Package, 35- 45 Years- Gold Package & 45+ Platinum Package.


  • How long will it take to activate the Package if payment is done by Cheque/Cash?


For any cheque transaction, normally it would take 3 days from the day the cheque is deposited. For cash payment, it would take 2 days to activate the package.


  • Is there an option for Part Payment?




  • Can I save Tax by buying Health Check?


Yes. An amount up to Rs 5000 is eligible for IT deduction, under the overall limit of Rs 15000, as per Sec 80D.


  • Can I get Health Tip on my mobile phones?


No. The Health Tip is available only in e- mail.


  • Is Fasting required for doing Health Checks?


12 hours fasting is required.